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Beautifully crafted LivinRoom from Homeglaze

LivinRoom is truly multi-functional, creating a pleasant and relaxing space for meditation or it can be a ‘full on’ family room. LivinRoom offers much more than a conservatory or an extension. LivinRoom is a steelwork ladder framework attached to the roof which provides the perfect vehicle for downlighters or cable runs. Change the visual dynamics externally too by using Cornice for a smooth finish at the wall/roof interface.


Simply Choose your perfect conservatory package...

Consider these benefi ts when choosing Ultraframe’s LivinRoom which features the Classic roofing technology.

  • Enjoy the light from a conservatory with the feel of an extension - providing greater overall value and the best of all worlds.
  • Creates a whole new dynamic to the space - a ‘real room/living room’ feel.
  • You can maintain light and space by using windows all round OR have brick piers / super insulated Loggia columns to give a greater sense of solidity.
  • For superior thermal efficiency when compared to a standard conservatory - can help as part of a Building Regulation compliant building
  • This real room/living room feel means more styling and furnishing options and the perimeter ceiling is perfect for down lighters.